Sleeping in a glass house in the desert





Be ready to be hypnotised by Holland’s tulip fields, the world’s largest flower gardens

I have always been drawn to deserts and when I was giving the opportunity to sleep in a glass house in the middle of the Spanish Desert of Gorafe, I immediately jumped on board. I was mesmerized by the fascinating location and unique accommodation style from the very beginning and I couldn’t resist.

The Creators

So, what makes this glass house so special? Well, this phenomenal house is a wonderland for every content creator and storyteller out there. The project was created by Guardian Glass in 2018 and was given the name of La Casa del Desierto (The Desert House). They chose the mountains of Gorafe Desert, located in the South of Spain, as the home for their ambitiously-outstanding project. And trust me, it is outstanding.

Lisse homes one of
the best tulips fields
in Holland

The Glass House

The glass house is entirely made of glass which gives you the feeling of being completely in the outdoors, allowing you to star gaze at night from the comfort of your bed. The house comfortably sleeps 2 adults and counts with shower, kitchen, A/C and heater, amenities, as well as alarm system.  Every corner has something charming to be captured and to add that extra touch, all ceilings have mirrors that will sure awake your sexiest side.

Tulips bloom from
April to May

How to Book

Bookings could be made in advance on the official website of the Glass House for a maximum of 2 nights. Don’t be surprised if you are unable to find availability, La Casa del Desierto has gained popularity in Social Media and finding an available date could very well be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, last minute cancellations are always a possibility so keep an eye on that flight to Spain.

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