Valensole, Provence lavender fields, the world hopper
One of the most picture-perfect experiences for any traveler and photographer alike is witnessing the charming endless lavender fields of France’s Provence region during the European summer. From mid-June to early July, the French Provence is covered with an unmistakable fragrance that emerges from the endless fields tainted with a purple thin layer of lavender....
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La casa del desierto, gorafe, glass house, the world hopper
I have always been drawn to deserts and when I was giving the opportunity to sleep in a glass house in the middle of the Spanish Desert of Gorafe, I immediately jumped on board. I was mesmerized by the fascinating location and unique accommodation style from the very beginning and I couldn’t resist. The Creators...
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Falljökull glacier is not only Europe’s largest glacier, but it’s a dramatic and mind-blowing ice formation crashing down the mountain towards the ocean. For those who know me, know much I love going back to destinations I have already been before. I consider visiting a country for the first time a gift but visiting it...
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If you are one of those travelers –like me– that often get inspired for their next adventure by seeing a picture on Instagram, then welcome on board. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, or at least that’s what they say; so I guess an animated picture will speak a billion words, right?...
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The wind was so intense that my effort to hold the door was almost non-existent. I couldn’t pull the door back and the wind seemed to be picking up speed in a matter of seconds.   During an unforgettable road trip to Iceland a few months back, I was mesmerized by the otherworldly beauty of...
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