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Be ready to be hypnotised by Holland’s tulip fields, the world’s largest flower gardens

Every year, Holland’s grounds serve as a massive colorful garden for millions of crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, as they come into bloom covering half of the country with an incredible and marvelous ocean of flowers, especially in Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe and considered as one of the world’s largest flower gardens. This fascinating event takes place once a year during the spring in the months of March till the first week of May, making Abril the best time of the year to visit Holland to witness the tulips in their full glory and majesty.

Although you may find tulip farms scattered throughout the entire country, Keukenhof, located in the city of Lisse, are amongst tourist’s favorite places in Holland to see tulips due to the abundant bloom of tulip bulbs in the area. Keukenhof is located only 30 minutes from Amsterdam and is probably one of the best places to visit tulip farms in The Netherlands as its proximity to Holland’s legendary capital city makes it easy for travelers to hop over to Keukenhof for a day trip roaming amongst tulip fields from Amsterdam.

Where can you see tulips in Holland

Well, Holland is a tulip wonderland. There’re countless tulip farms scattered throughout the entire country. But the best place to see tulips in Holland is without a doubt in the region of The Bollenstreek, or so it’s called The Bulb Region in English. The name is self-explanatory and here is where you’ll find the most amazing tulip fields your eyes will ever witness. The Bollenstreek area can be easily reached from Amsterdam. Drive to any of the cities in the region, such as Lisse, Hillegom, Katwijk, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout or Teylingen to have the tulips right at your feet. You may also take a bus from Amsterdam center to Lisse. The bus will make a stop at Schiphol Airport where you’ll have to switch to a different bus heading to Lisse. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes.

Lisse homes one of
the best tulips fields
in Holland

When is the tulip season

Tulips are all over Holland from March until the first week of May, therefore, if you are visiting Holland in that period you’ll be sure fascinated by these stunning flowers. But Holland is not only taken over by the beauty of tulips. Other flowers are also responsible for adding mind-blowing colors to the fields of The Netherlands from March until May; snow whites, crocus, hyacinths and daffodils also combine their majesty with the tulips as they come into full bloom during the same period.

Snow Whites: February – March
Crocus: February – March
Daffoldils: March and April
Hyacinths: April and beginning of May
Tulips: April and beginning of May

Tulips bloom from
April to May

How to visit the tulip fields

The best way to experience the best trip to the tulip fields is if you are renting a car in The Hague or Amsterdam and driving to the fields yourself. You’ll be able to cover a wider area and see more fields. Most tulip fields have a free designated parking area in which you may park and hop out of your vehicle to snap some amazing pictures of the tulips. Another way for an unforgettable tulip experience is renting a bike in Lisse, Noordwijk, or any other city in The Bollenstreek area and riding to the fields for your tulip dream day trip. I can guarantee you’ll never want to leave. Don’t forget to pack your lunch for an idyllic picnic in the fields and hope for good weather. 

Be aware!

  • You may visit the infamous Keukenhof gardens by purchasing a ticket for 17€. Be ready to share the gardens with buses packed with tourists. However, fields around Lisse are free and less crowded. Remember fields are private properties and unless otherwise stated, walking in the fields are forbidden. Please respect!

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