Hiking a Glacier in Iceland

Meet Falljökull Glacier in Iceland,
Europe’s largest glacier

For those who know me, know much I love going back to destinations I have already been before. I consider visiting a country for the first time a gift but visiting it more than once is a blessing. And you might ask yourself “why?”. Well, sometimes visiting a destination for the second time can turn out to be even more exciting than the first, especially when it comes to Iceland. From the second I decided to go back to Iceland I knew I wanted to experience things I’ve never experienced before; hiking a glacier for instance. For this new adventure, I knew I had to count with the best team and Hidden Iceland seemed like my perfect aligns.

As the plane approached Reykjavik, my heart was already exploding of excitement. There I was again, less than a year later, back to the country that completely blew my mind away — and a big chunk of my budget.
The moment I met Ryan, co-founder and former Glacier guide at Hidden Iceland, I knew this would turn out to be yet another mesmerizing experience in Iceland.

What’s a glacier?

To make it simple for everyone to understand, a glacier is basically a slowly moving and ever-changing mass of ice formed when snow accumulates and remains in the same area for too long allowing it to transform into ice.


I have been fortunate enough to have done a lot of traveling over the years. I’ve joined countless group and private tours and have met all sorts of guides you can think of, some were great, some were not. But there was something about Ryan that immediately placed him on top of my list. I would dare to say Ryan is – by far – the most enthusiastic and passionate guide I have ever met in any of my travels. His passion and devotion for Iceland and its nature is overwhelming, not to mention his love for glaciers which is almost tangible.

For the next 2 days, Ryan would lead our group of 8, taking us to some of Iceland’s most impressive spots such as the marvelous Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, the impressive Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach, the dangerous and yet beautiful Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and its Basalt Columns, the amazing Fjaðrárgljúfur gorge, and finally the majestic Falljökull glacier.

Falljökull glacier is not only Europe’s largest glacier, but it’s a dramatic and mind-blowing ice formation crashing down the mountain towards the ocean. The glacier will never stay the same for too long. As the climate changes, the ice melts and the scenario changes dramatically; it will even change overnight. Hiking this beauty means experiencing a one of a kind adventure.

So, with helmet, harness, crampons on feet and ice ax in hand, it was time to come up close and personal with Falljökull glacier. Ryan led us 9 kilometers up Falljökull through safe paths where we had a chance to contemplate the landscape and stop for amazing Instagram stories. During the hike, Ryan taught us more about Falljökull, glaciers, volcanoes and how the area had changed in the past century. Once up at the highest point Ryan considered was safe to take us, I just wanted to embrace the views and appreciate life and the opportunity I was given to set foot on such a mind-blowing creation.

Thanks to Ryan and the entire Hidden Iceland team for providing me with this incredible experience.

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Written & Photographed by

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