Meet Sri Lanka: Lonely Planet’s Top Country in 2019

Sri Lanka will seduce you with extraordinary experiences.

The word is out: Sri Lanka is Lonely Planet‘s Top Country to visit in 2019 in the guide’s annual tally. I personally wonder why it has taken it so long for Sri Lanka to be acknowledged as a top destination to visit. Despite its proximity to the remarkable and explosive Republic of India, which, somehow, has gotten all the attention and interest throughout the decades, Sri Lanka is capable enough to provide travelers with extraordinary and unique experiences in a considerably small territory in a surprisingly short period of time. Whether you’re up for surfing in the Bay of Bengal, taking part in cultural festivities in Kandy, visiting an elephant orphanage in Pinnawala, time-warping to the ancient city of Sigiriya, or going on a safari in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka promises to seduce you with all its got hiding under its sleeves.

Without further due, here’s why Sri Lanka should also be in your Top Countries to visit in 2019.


Sri Lanka’s culture at its best


Breathtaking sunsets


Iconic Sri Lankan stilt fishing


Ancient City of Sigiriya


Local markets and friendly locals

sri lanka- the world hopper- travel-guide-visit sri lanka

Heartwarming eyes of Sri Lankan people


Eagle flying above Yala National Park


Traditional dance in Kandy


Colonial Galle Fort


Sri Lankan family


Interacting with this gorgeous Sri Lankan family


Sri Lanka’s astonishing fauna


Flower offering at a temple


Eyes of wisdom


Sri Lanka’s lush green jungles


Yala National Park’s coast


A young monk in Sri Lanka


Colors and tradition decorate Sri Lanka


Elephant spotting in Yala National Park


Sri Lanka’s virgin coast


Ceylon Tea fields



Written & Photographed
by Lipe Planells

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Meet Sri Lanka: Lonely Planet’s Top Country in 2019

Sri Lanka will seduce you with extraordinary experiences. The word is out: Sri Lanka is Lonely Planet‘s Top Country to visit in 2019 in the guide’s annual tally. I personally wonder why it has taken it so long for Sri Lanka to be acknowledged as a top destination to visit. Despite its proximity to the remarkable...
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